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Mrs Rajani Alexander and Mr Alexander Panicker

Parents of Angelina Alexander of UKG B

Message from the Parent

I, Mrs Rajani Alexander, personally feel that AC School has a caring culture which is wellportrayed by the school management, teachers andsupport staff unanimously.A well-managed and prompt school management system,teachers’ genuine caring relationship with the pupils in the classroom and the ever willing culture to serve by the support staff sets a conceptual framework of an ideal school.
The stand out aspect of A.C school is its celebration of diversity. It eventually promotes in childrenan inclusive and responsiveattitude that values and respectsmulticultural society.The school offers a myriad of activities and opportunities that the students enthusiastically embrace. The cultural diversity, allowing them to interact and feel more confident,to learn in a stimulating environment, and to acquire a skill in sport is lovingly appreciated.
We strongly feel that A.C school appreciates and cherishesthe efforts and achievements of studentsin the fields of their interests.This 360-degree development of a child is every parent’s dream, so is mine.

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Mr. Binu John Varghese

Father of Ronen Tinu Thomas - 1B

Message from the Parent

"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids to work together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important"- Bill Gates.
There has been a total shift in the way we live and learn from past two years due to the pandemic. School closures have affected students and their families due to the paradigm shift from classroom-basedlearning to onlinelearning. As we continue to emerge and recover from this historic pandemic, the academic and socio-emotional needs of the school communities are greater than ever before.Also, asa parent of a first grader who would be attending regular school for the first time, the thought of kids transitioning back to school was equally nerve-racking.
The greatest intervention was needed to bridge the post pandemic learning gap and the teachers at AC School have made that possible by taking it as achallenge to bridge this gap and totally equip the students to learn and cope in the best possible ways. AC School conducted the refresher classes before commencement of the regular syllabus was of great help, and revisions and slip tests ensured ample time for the child to catch up and learn at their own speed.The teachers are not just caring but believe in nurturing the children. The team of teachers work well together and the camaraderie is really good. The regular PTM enabled us as parents to keep updated on the child's progress and act proactively on areas of concern.
The isolation traumaduring the pandemic created a deterioration in the social skills of children and a lack of overall development, but the commitment of A C School teachers to nurture young minds made their early development a joy to witness. It is a marvel to see how their social skills and confidence blossomed. Various activities and events at AC School throughout the year ensured that the children are engaged in not just academics but also focused on sports, cultural activities and valuable life skills. The Talentia, Yoga day, Sports Day, Winter Carnival, Investiture, MUN (Model United Nations) were just a few of the numerous events organised to tap into the children's talents and give them platforms to shine! Parents receive photos and updates of the school activities on a regular basis, which keep us closely knit with all the events and programs.
In conclusion, even after the various challenges this pandemic brought to us these past years, getting back to school for the children at AC School has been taken care of by AC School. Returning to school has been a delight and this smooth transition has been possible with the helpof the entire AC School fraternity. School days are indeed the golden days of our livesand kudos to everyone who is a catalyst to make that happen.

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