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    KA 223
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    Protection of school property: Care should be taken for school property. Students are liable to pay fine for all damages they cause to the school property.
    Subordination to the higher level: Students Should greet their teachers, other respected persons and elders as a sign of respect. They shall also greet one another.
    Professional behavior: The students must be on time for the assembly. Habitual late-comers are not allowed to attend the classes.
    Etiquette and hygiene: Lack of refinement in public places, use of indecent or abusive language, littering the class or school premises will not be encouraged. Self cleanliness and clothes is mandatory for every students.
    Being modest: In order to preserve simplicity and uniformity among students, they are not permitted wearing of jewellery, fancy watches, coloured glass frames, using mobile phones and cameras. These will be confiscated and will be handed over to the parents.
    Being punctual: Punctuality and regular attendance are to be strictly followed. The student should abide by the holidays granted by the school and not prolong vacations and holidays. Attendance on the opening day and closing day of every term/long vacation is compulsory.
    Zealous attitude: Students are expected to participate in all the curricular and co-curricular activities of the school with zeal and enthusiasm. Tardiness in submission of assignments: Assignments given should be completed by the students and submitted as per schedule.

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