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'Ever Onward', the motto of Anthony Claret school (ICSE Syllabos) sums up the direction of the creative energies of the school. The school is ever committed to continuous and refreshing efforts to constantly renew itself and strive for the creation of a civilization of love, as stated in its Mission Statement. 'Ever Onward' inspires the management and the teaching faculty and the administrative and ministerial staff to constantly improve their personal and professional skills to realize the onward march. The clarion call of 'Ever Onward' constantly encourages the Claretines, the students of The Anthony Claret school to nourish themselves at the portals of the school that their lives would always evolve into greater and final levels of self-realization and transcendence.

The Crest symbolically captures the educational mission and vision of the school: the white Dove stands for the noble in a person- the qualities of the heart that shapes one's character and transforms one into a blessing unto the society. It is forward and upward movement points to the evolution of the person into greater and finer levels of self-realization and transcendence at the service of the society, which finally leads to the creation of a civilization of love. The blue sky at the background symbolizes the limitless possibilities that invite a Claretine to evolve into. The letters CMF stands for the Claretine Missionary Fathers, Management of AC School, who, inspired by life and impelled by love, play the catalyst in the evolution of each Claretine.

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