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Message from the desk

King Solomon was one of the richest kings in olden times. When God appeared to him, he asked for wisdom, and not wealth, but the ability to discern good and evil, breadth of mind like the sand on a seashore and wisdom and understanding beyond measure.

Embracing the same, we, the Anthony Claret fraternity is at the doorstep of yet another engaging academic year - 2022-23. Measured beyond mere academic scores, I believe that the true essence of education is in enlightening minds, leading them to acquire knowledge, we aim to make every student a wholesome human being worthy for the family, equipped for the society and venturing for the nation. Just as a lightened candle wades away the pitching darkness, an educated soul can bring much light and essence to our society.

Dear students, we are ‘Ever Onward' for you. So it is all about focus, dedication and never-ending hunger for wisdom and knowledge. Nothing shall distract you from your goal. Dear educators, 'Ever Onward' for you. It emphasizes the concept of a re-engineering and continuous updating of resources and skillsets to keep yourself at par with the dynamic environment. Dear parents, 'Ever Onward' for you. It highlights the concept of shared commitment whereby the integral part of moulding future generation incorporates dedicated educators, motivated students and enthusiastic parents. Since its inception, AC School has attained enormous reputation as the pioneer in inculcating value-based education. Yes, ‘Ever Onward' for you. Apart from the excellence in academic realm, the school also add vivid colours to the co-curricular and creative abilities of students through its sports, music, dance, martial arts etc. under the supervision of experts.

I wish to express my gratitude to our former principal, beloved patrons, stakeholders, parents, and student fraternity for the enduring support extended to us. Therefore, we are ‘Ever Onward'. We want to make our kids ‘Ever Onward'.

Dear students, like the Sunflowers facing the eternal sunshine, may you always look up and keep growing for more wisdom and thrive under the bliss and light of Lord, Almighty.

-Ever Onward-

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